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Belhaven funeral homes
Jimmy D. Sawyer Funeral Director Licensee is a highly personal, full
service funeral and cremation service provider offering Affordable
Cremations and Affordable Funerals to Belhaven NC, Washington, NC,
Greenville, NC Williamston, NC and all surrounding counties.  With
nearly 16 years of professional service, Jimmy Sawyer maintains the
highest professional standards while providing each family a personal
funeral service at a much more  affordable price than most funeral
homes in our area.  

We understand that planning a funeral in a traditional funeral
establishment can add additional stress and emotions on to the feelings
you are already feeling after the loss of someone special to you.  With
this knowledge and from many years of feedback  from  families; we
have learned that families welcome the opportunity of making funeral
arrangements in surroundings that they feel safe and comfortable in.  
That is why we come to you, allowing you  to be in your home with your

We feel that you are able to make well informed, thought out, and cost
affective decisions.  Whether your choice  is cremation or a traditional
funeral service, our staff is  available to personalize a service to
remember and honor your loved one.  Our services are usually referred
by families, caregivers, and clergy members that we have previously
served or from people  that we have met over the past few years while
serving our  community.  We invite you to contact us at a anytime if you
have any questions.  
At Jimmy D. Sawyer Funeral Director Licensee, we are committed to
providing a service that is personal to you and your family.  We offer
many different ways to remember your loved one.  From having a white
dove released at the cemetery to watching a memorial DVD during
visitation, no two services are the  same; just as no two people are the
same.  You may also choose to have a memorial balloon release, where
each person in attendance will receive a biodegradable balloon that they
can release during the service at the cemetery.  

There are also many keepsakes that can add to your service to give the
family something to keep as the years past.  We offering these items to
help personalize your loved one's service.   

We invite each family to bring in items to display during the visitation.   
For example, if your loved one was a gardener, you may wish to bring in
different gardening tools along with flowers and plants to display next to
the casket; or for the avid biker, you may wish to park his/her bike at the
front of the church in their memory.  Our goal is to help each family plan
a service that honors their loved one.  Whatever your choice is, our staff
is here to assist you.