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Cremation Options

Today, you have many options when choosing cremation.  You can make it as simple or as personalized as you want.  You may choose to have a visitation or a funeral  before cremation or a remembrance memorial following cremation.  Our staff will assist you in making which ever option you choose a personal celebration of your loved one.

If you look around you will find that my cremation prices are lower than any of the funeral homes in our area.  My approach to the funeral business, allows me to offer these prices.  We offer you value when it comes to the final disposition.  With cremation, you may choice to bury the ashes or spread the on land or at sea.  Please keep in mind that some laws my apply.

There are many types of containers to choose from to hold the cremated remains.  We offer many different selections in our Cremation Urn sections.  Please remember that we are here to assist you in your selections.  Don't ever hesitate to call us.

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Direct Cremation

Simple Cremation Package

Memorial Service Package