Graveside Service Package                                      $4995.00

This package includes all of the following services along with the casket and burial vault pictured below on this page.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     For a complete price list, please contact us at (252) 792-2449.

Services included are as follows, 

Transfer of Remains(30 mile radius), Embalming, Other care of deceased, Basic services of funeral director and staff, Use of staff and equipment for viewing or visitation, Use of staff for graveside funeral ceremony, Memorial folders, Thank you cards, Funeral Coach for service, Flower/utility van, Necessary equipment us for committal service, Residence equipment (chairs, door spray, food book, stand, register book), Temporary grave marker for cemetery, Memorial DVD setup, Memorial DVD.


 20 Gauge Steel Casket Included in Package

*Colors Available: Blue, Black & Gold, Black & Silver, White & Gold,                              White & Pink, Silver, & Orchid.

 Outer Burial Container

 Burial Vault Included in this Package

Reinforced Concrete with Polymer Liner

Can be personalized to match casket.  

You Can Never Go Back And Do It Again!

Some say it’s harsh to remind you of this, but we know we must. We want you to honor your loved one in a way that allows you to look back, years from now, and be thankful that you did the best you could to honor their life. Creating a ceremony that calls together the hearts and minds of all who loved them is a gift to everyone involved. A gift of memories, a gift of healing...a truly priceless gift of peace-of-mind.

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